Sourcing & Packaging

Sourcing & Packaging

At MPS, we offer the most important parts of Export & Import “Sourcing & Packaging” as a service. With years of experience in Exports and Imports, MPS group with its team of experts provide excellent support to our clients for everything in Sourcing and Packaging. 

Our expert team of Export & Import professionals had done great research and spent considerable amount of time to arrive at the best business process to follow for Sourcing & Packaging. 

Product/ Goods sourcing is one of the critical process of procuring products for import-export, the goods need to be sourced from reputed suppliers who could supply quality consistent goods at the best possible price. 

With our reputed network of suppliers and with years of business relationship with the suppliers, at MPS we are able to provide excellent support to our clients in sourcing the right product, with perfect quality and best possible price.

We follow rigorous evaluation methods and quality checks for all the products/ goods that are sourced at various stages and store them in a safe storage facilities based on the type of products/ goods. 

An important stage after procurement of goods is their preparation for shipment which involves packaging of goods to be exported. Proper packaging of goods to be exported not only makes the goods look attractive but also save a considerable amount of money by saving the goods from wrong handling in the export handling/ shipment process.

The primary role of packaging is to contain, protect and preserve the goods as well as support in its handling during the shipment process. Packaging provides following benefits to the goods to be exported:

  • Physical Protection – Packaging provides protection against shock, vibration, temperature, moisture and dust.
  • Containment or agglomeration – Packaging provides agglomeration of small objects into one package for reason of efficiency and cost factor.
  • Marketing: Proper and attractive packaging play an important role in encouraging a potential buyer.
    • Convenience – Packages can have features which add convenience in distribution, handling, display, sale, opening, use, and reuse.
  • Security – Packaging can play an important role in reducing the security risks of export shipment. 


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